Jarkovič Winery

We proudly build on our long family tradition to deliver top-quality wines, which are crafted and tended with great care and attention.

A long and rich tradition of winemaking

We craft our wines with special care and attention and a great deal of love. We believe this to be the key ingredient for making wines of premium quality, in addition to expertise and experience.

Our selection of wines comprises mostly reds such as Cviček, Blaufränkisch, Pinot noir, Gamay, as well as whites, mainly Welschriesling and Welschriesling - grape selection. Take a closer look at the whole assortment of wines on offer, with detailed specifications.

At our Wine Library you can sample and buy all our wines and local products from noted local producers.

The Wine Library and Jarkovič Winery are located in the village of Brod v Podbočju, by the meandering river Krka, in the southeastern part of the Krško Basin and on the edge of the Krakovo Forest.

How to reach us - explore the map

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