Wine Library

A wine bar and gift shop, it is a charming place where you can sample and buy excellent Jarkovič wines and local homemade products.

Taste wine in a pleasant ambience

With its warm and friendly atmosphere, the Wine Library is the focal point of the Jarkovič Winery. It features many natural materials sourced from the local areas, a practice which has become something of a rarity. The floors mirror the colours of soil, the windows and doors, of grapevine, and the walls the colours of wine. The place exudes an air of warmth, making guests feel comfortable and happy.

Why the name Wine Library?

A good book tells a story, and so does good wine. The wine story begins in spring, continues in the vineyard throughout summer, then reaches its climax in the winery in autumn. Finally, the wine whispers its sun-kissed tale to the drinker, who can taste in one sip all the hard work and the love of the winegrower and winemaker. Each wine is a winemaker's signature, and good wines deserve a discerning audience. At the Jarkovič Winery we are committed to promoting the local wine culture and have been carefully writing, collecting and nurturing our very own wine stories for several generations.

Wine Library opening hours

By appointment only - contact us here or call +386 41 747 229

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