Explore the river Krka and the Gorjanci Hills

Magnificent views, exciting wine roads and cycling routes, wine-growing hills dotted with vineyard cottages, and friendly people.

Experience beautiful nature your way

The nearby Gorjanci Hills promise excitement and adventure to hikers, cyclists, hunters, and lovers of scenic views of rolling winegrowing hills. The lazy river Krka is perfect for fishing, boating, canoeing, photography.

Have some good wine and a good time in the pleasant ambience of the Wine Library, explore the outdoors on foot, by bicycle or electric scooter, paddle a canoe or go fishing on the river Krka, or catch a flight in a hot-air balloon above the valley of the region's river beauty.

A few ideas for trips


Visit the village of Podbočje and see its Roman sculpture of a lion in front of the Church of the Holy Cross (Cerkev Sv. Križa).

Kostanjevica na Krki

Discover, by boat and on foot, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia's only island town, which is connected to land by three wooden bridges typical of the area. In this charming little town you'll find many cultural monuments, great art and remarkable natural attractions - perhaps best known are the Kostanjevica Cave and what was once a Cistercian monastery, which today houses the Božidar Jakac Gallery and Forma Viva sculptures. Halfway between Kostanjevica and Šentjernej, the Pleterje Carthusian monastery (Kartuzija Pleterje) nestles snugly at the foot of the Gorjanci Hills, and next door to it is an open-air museum where you can step back in time and find out what life used to be like in those parts in the past.

Krakovski Forest

The Ressel Learning Trail, named after the inventor of the screw propeller, Josef Ressel, runs through the Krakovski Forest, the largest lowland floodplain forest in the country.
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