What the Jarkovič family is all about

We are passionate about promoting the local wine culture and have been writing and nurturing our own wine stories for generations.

Vines, grapes and wine run in our blood

Winegrowing and winemaking have been in our family since 1868, as inscribed on the pressing stone in our old vineyard cottage in Zavode. Our family boasts numerous wine competition medals and awards, and the head of the family, Stane Jarkovič, also received the coveted King of Cviček title. We tend our wines with special care and attention and a great deal of love, as we believe that these, in addition to expertise and experience, are the three key ingredients for making top-quality wines.

The Jarkovič family

Grandfather, Anton Jarkovič Sr., was one of the first winegrowers in the area to switch to growing grapevines using support wires, which was at the time already common practice in Italy and France. His wines won him many awards and he was also named a Cviček Ambassador. His love of winegrowing and winemaking, and of course of Cviček as the signature wine of the Dolenjska region, was passed down to the next generations. So, it is no wonder his portrait is on the front cover of a well-known book on Cviček by Ivo Kuljaj.
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